Community Stories

We are here to help!

Support local.  Get the local economy going.  Strengthen livelihood.  Provide jobs. Obra Ilonggo is focusing on products from Panay and Guimaras islands because this is where help and concentration are needed and where we come from.   Love your own. 

Our mantra

Believe in their dreams. 

Help build and sustain their Communities. 

Empower them.

Obra Ilonggo aims to uplift and improve the lives of communities: through upgrading their skills and design ideas, forming linkages for technical exposure, and bringing them closer to global standards.  We are able to bring the communities to a level higher and most especially in marketing their products, thus providing jobs and a livelihood that will give them income streams to help them in their daily lives. 

It is Ilonggo because it is made by the Ilonggos, using Ilonggo endemic or indigenous materials (hablon, pandan, piña, nito, capiz shells, etc), and is crafted with their stories in mind.  In the product you will see the culture and the history and the influence of the environment around them, in it you will see their strength, their resilience, their passions, and their inner beauty come out.

Each product you buy means a big help to the Ilonggo communities, every artisan and  micro entrepreneur and is a testament to how resilient the Ilonggos are, that even in a world crisis, a pandemic, they are still able to create and produce beautiful things.